Almost Ready to Open My Etsy Shop

This has been a long project. I am almost ready to open my Etsy Shop! Whoop Whoop! I didn’t know if that day would ever arrive. I added some photographs to my website so you can get a tidbit of the projects that I work on. I will add more as my inventory grows. I have decided to make my fairy houses, centerpieces or displays under different categories:

  •  seasonal display
  • holiday display
  •  plain old fairy houses
  • fairy doll houses that little girls can play with (dolls included)

My fairies will be listed under different categories:

  • Woodland fairies
  • Flower fairies
  • Dark fairies

I sell other little dolls as well:

  • Gnomes
  • Elves
  • Wizards
  • Brownies
  • Mermaids


  • Fairy necklaces
  • Fairy earrings
  • Unicorn necklaces
  • Sword necklaces “Sword of Shershmire”


  • Fairy notecards with envelopes (sets of 6)


  • Stick Unicorn Pony

Everything is a work in progress so be patient please. If you have a special request for a fairy or fairy house email me and we can see what we can think up.

Fairy Wishes to all of you…



Working Toward Fairy Everything

Building my Fairy Everything business is quite a large endeavor. I have been creating my little fairies, fairy houses, fairy accessories, invitations for children’s parties, posters and I have added a few more mystical creatures.

My line now includes my beautiful fairies (of course), gnomes, wizards and brownies. Each little creature is different than the one I just made. Strange how that works.

One of a kind items are individual and cannot be replicated even by me. I think the buildings will be numbered and only supply a small amount for each quarter. That my friend will either be a smart thing or a dumb thing to do but time will tell me the answer. I plan on doing different things with my buildings and make them unique so everyone who loves fairies will know they have to act fast if they want to purchase one.

My Etsy shop will have a large selection of fairies by themselves or perhaps with a friend. I am going to put some of them on their own little pedestal.Some of them will be captured most of them will be free. Everyone knows that fairies cannot be captured but for the fun of displaying them it may be an option. I am in the process of deciding what to do with each little creature to make them appealing to everyone young and old, male or female. So make sure you explore my shop all the time because there will be additions regularly.

I have been online trying to figure out how to get my business started. I have contacted the lady who does my taxes and she has been an incredible help. I called City Hall to find out about a business license. I wanted to figure out how to buy wholesale items to use in m fairy buildings. Each one needs a fairy to live in and I have to include the price of each creature that I add to the buildings in the price that I sell them for. So a better buy for me means a better buy for you.

I opened an Etsy account and store, an email account, a Facebook account and a WordPress blog to keep everyone in the know. I had to do it fast so I could use the “Fairy Everything” name on each of them. I have to get registered with the IRS. Sheesh!!! Oh well that’s where my incredible tax lady comes into my business.

I meet with my tax lady on Tuesday and we will fill out all the paperwork I need to get that permit. I had to run to the bank and get a business checking account to work with. I need to add the name of my company so I can cash checks from customers. I figure I should do it the right way to make sure I am accountable for the financial part of my business. Shirley told me that I need to keep track of every receipt I have for taxes. I think I will set up some kind of tracking system or something like Quick Books or Quicken.

Life in the fairy realm will be a larger adventure than I thought about. Shirley mentioned I should name my business something like Smith Enterprises so I can add more businesses to my license if I decide on other crafts to market. She is so smart. I hadn’t even thought of that.

I will keep you updated with the steps I am using in case someone wants to get a business started for themselves.

Fairy wishes to all,