Almost Ready to Open My Etsy Shop

This has been a long project. I am almost ready to open my Etsy Shop! Whoop Whoop! I didn’t know if that day would ever arrive. I added some photographs to my website so you can get a tidbit of the projects that I work on. I will add more as my inventory grows. I have decided to make my fairy houses, centerpieces or displays under different categories:

  •  seasonal display
  • holiday display
  •  plain old fairy houses
  • fairy doll houses that little girls can play with (dolls included)

My fairies will be listed under different categories:

  • Woodland fairies
  • Flower fairies
  • Dark fairies

I sell other little dolls as well:

  • Gnomes
  • Elves
  • Wizards
  • Brownies
  • Mermaids


  • Fairy necklaces
  • Fairy earrings
  • Unicorn necklaces
  • Sword necklaces “Sword of Shershmire”


  • Fairy notecards with envelopes (sets of 6)


  • Stick Unicorn Pony

Everything is a work in progress so be patient please. If you have a special request for a fairy or fairy house email me and we can see what we can think up.

Fairy Wishes to all of you…