About Fairy Everything

 Fairy Everything was created for young and old alike.

Fairies and other mystical creatures live in our world. Their homes look like the picture to the left. You can walk right by them and not even notice them. They use items they find to decorate their homes.  What we think is trash they use for flower vases,  door handles, accessories, bowls for fairy food, cradles for the fairy babies, furniture and nesting material for the friendly dragons.

I believe in fairies…I do I do… I clapped my hands enthusiastically for Tinkerbell when she was dying. I closed my eyes and whispered…come on Tinkerbell…I told my mom and dad “we have to clap!” That night mom, dad and I sat in front of the television clapping hands to save Tink. It worked and fairies became very important to me from then on.

Throughout the years I have written stories, collected fairy figurines, cards, and assorted fairy goodies.

When my husband died last year I took an early retirement and  needed something to fill in the lonely hours. Fairies came to my rescue. I began creating fairy homes, fairies, cards, posters and assorted fairy and mystical items.

My goal is to sell my creations so fairy lovers everywhere can bring a part of me into their homes. I hope that children and adults can experience Fairy Everything.




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